It takes two.

good things come in pairs, like ears, socks and panda bears

It's really important to be comfortable with your chosen photographer, be that us or someone else. We always encourage a face to face meeting at our studio so we can all meet up. So here is a little more about us and why you consider an experienced photographer in the first place and why two photographers may just be your thing!

Your decision around choosing a photographer should be someone with experience, atune with emotions, able to work with anticipation, blend and fit with your guests while being able to direct with a friendly manner when needed, for times like formals.

So why can two be better than one?

More creativity

Capturing both sides of your story - you're both equally as important!

Things you didn't know happened - be that laughter or tears

More images

Being in two places at once

Added assurances

Not missing a moment

Different perspectives

Different angles

More memories

No limits


We are both prime photographs and in our third successful year of wedding photography. We can honestly say our creative passion has grown incredibly and we strive within each wedding to find new levels of creativity while being professional, capturing the honest and authentic. We are based in Rugby, Warwickshire but cover weddings throughout England. This is our full-time job, we are dedicated and devoted.

Our style and what to expect

The creative images we strive to create will mirror your memories. Coverage mainly comprises of candid, natural moments so you can relax and let your day unfold while we capture the magic. We start about two hours prior to your ceremony and stay up to the first hour of dancing! Let your day unfold while we capture the magic.

While our emphasis is on spontaneous moments capturing the excitement, love and emotion we also offer two short portrait sessions within your day, so time away from your guests is brief and a section for formal photographs too so we make sure the most important guests at your wedding are captured.

We love to chit chat, so if you have any questions, please give us a shout or visit us! It's really important to us you both feel comfortable so we offer weekday or evening appointments, chat about all the things that make you, you - the important stuff and silly things too :)