We want to live in a world of great love, sparkly shoes, perfect coffee and golden sunsets. Chasing our passion together of photography and weddings, Amara Grace Photography was created in 2016. 



We are two hard-working mama’s, friends and business partners who are totally passionate about capturing people, emotions and candid reflections of your wedding day. This is our full-time job, we are dedicated and devoted. We LOVE taking photos (literally we do, hundreds in fact..) and like to make sure you have enjoyment along the way too.

Your day is important to us. We are fully insured and hold both liability and public indemnity insurance. We always carry back up equipment and bring our ‘magic tool box’ from plasters to pins – we are not just photographers but all round magic makers! We have been known to remake bridal bouquets, wipe away tears, fix hair, sew back on buttons, loan shoes and pin on a buttonhole or two. Whatever it is we will do our best to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible.


To deliver epic wedding photography that tells the story of your day not only from your perspective but your guests too. Showing and capturing elements of peoples real personalities. 

We aim to deliver an entire experience for our couples from meeting and wanting to get to know you and your vision for your wedding. This begins the relationship of trust which is so important to have. To trust us to understand you, trust us to deliver a memorable day and trust to keep your images safe.

We are making a conscious effort become a sustainable wedding provider. We are applying for our ‘Carbon Literate’ certification after training and evidence to support reduced carbon emissions within our business. 



Additional changes we have adopted include

* ‘Green’ printing labs and access to transport that is committed to reduced C02 emissions.

*Where possible utilising a single car

*Offering clients ‘zoom’ meeting to reduce travel 

*Recyclable and solarcharged batteries

*Moving to paperless

*Investing in providing clients a high quality online gallery experience. Removing USB’s and reducing postage.