Is your Wedding Photographer right for you? We are Warwickshire Wedding Photographers Amara Grace

So as we are getting ready for another mega year ahead, top of our list is to blog more… Now we could sit here and write a blog about why you should pick us and tell you all about how fabulous and passionate we are about our work, but the truth is that we are artists and everyones taste in art is different so instead we think the most important question is your wedding photographer right for you?

So, if you are engaged (congratulations) in wedding planing mode and you are on the hunt for a photographer these are our suggestions for picking the right photographer for YOU….with a few reasons on why we might be the one.

1. I suppose we should really put do you like the style as the first point, but we can’t help but feel this is more important …… Do you like them?

Building a good relationship between you and your photographers is a big priority, seeing as you will pretty much be spending the whole day with your Warwickshire Wedding Photographers, from morning prep till dance moves and as photographers we want to bring out the best in you, gain your trust and make you feel relaxed in front of the camera. It’s not everyday you are being asked to smooch the guy you just married with paparazzi in tow after all.

So this is why nearly all of our couples come to visit us at our purpose-built studio, not so we can drown you in more of our amazing work, he he… it’s really so we can get to know each other, learn a little more about your day and how we can help you. (hopefully, you’ll leave thinking they are nice ladies we could spend the day with them )

2.What type of style photography do YOU both like?

There are so many photographers out there and the great thing is we all offer different types of photography, there’s something out there to suit us all – vintage, high contrast, all black and white or a more traditional look, this is something to think about, scroll through photography blogs from your venue, search the photographers website, search the gram. What photos draw you in! Do you like candids, artistic or posed? We love our ‘art’ to show you colours, contrast and most of all the story of your day. Warwickshire Wedding Photographers Amara Grace can offer you the most perfect day.

Warwickshire Wedding Photographers

3. Editing, do you want your images editing?

Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer this! Do we edit ? YES WE DO!!
Why? because that plays a part in the final art we show you and we love the way it can make your pictures pop, and we are proud of the look we have created! We like to think our work has a recognisable style.
Plus if you get one of those pesty spots arrive in the build up to the day? Say goodbye because we will take that little friend out! However, we do not heavy edit as most importantly we want you to look like you 🙂

4.Posed or Natural? Traditional or Modern

What would you like your wedding images to reflect? When you are scrolling through images what are the ones that strike you the most? Posed or more connection based?
How comfortable are you with the camera?

The most popular thing we hear from our couples is, we like that your pictures are not staged or posed because were are awkward in front of a camera …. well it’s not our thing either, we always take one maybe two images of you looking into our camera we call this the ‘mum and dad shot’ because parent and grandparents like them, but that’s it. We are all about capturing the loving gazes, fun and the connection between you both and the enjoyment from your guests.

5. Do you want lots of formals?

Formals are important and will always be done but really for most they not a favourite thing to do. What we most love to show is your day as it was, it should view like a story and make you feel like your right back there and also see the bits you didn’t see like when uncle john was sliding across the dance floor with your nephew or your mums face as she hugs you those are the moments we hope our clients treasure.

6.Warwickshire Wedding Photographers We are lovers of natural light but we also know how to use flash because reality is there isn’t always a lot of available light! Getting married in a beautiful dark church in the winter lit with candles is great but make sure you’re hiring someone who can photograph in situations like this, and they have the equipment to back it up!
We can’t say this enough if there us anything your in doubt of don’t be afraid to ask to see some images they’ve taken in similar situations, so if you’re getting married in the winter ask to check out their winter galleries! Most people forget that we loose our light in the winter early in the day so make sure you have someone who knows there stuff.

7.Do you need two photographers?

I guess this is ultimately a personal choice, what we would say is this…. showing the day as it was and not just from your view but your guests view is pretty hard to do when there is just one of you! A few years back before we officially joined forces we had weddings on our own and agreed you have no choice but to miss some moments, we can honestly say if we had our time again we would have two photographers!

8. Do you want your fur babies involved?

Animals animal animals, we love them and over the last two years we’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of doggies and even some horses too! Do you want to add your furry family in you day and images? Make sure your photographer is happy to work with them if you do. There is also some great services out there offering to look after you dog for the day.

9. Check they have your back, some boring but very important things to check when booking your photographer ….. are they insured(yes), do they have cover if sick(yes), back up equipment and back up images(yes), how long do you keep are images for(ages)? Do i get printing rights (yes) and my favourite… what do you do if it rains (this 😉 ………

Warwickshire Wedding Photographers - Amara Grace

So…. Is your Wedding Photographer right for you? We really hope this blog makes you contact us here at Amara Grace – Warwickshire Wedding Photographers